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2019年、日中文化交流協会の音楽家派遣事業で訪中。2020年、多年の功労を称え岩手県警察本部長から感謝状を授与。2021年には、日本人で初めてオーストリアの世界的な楽器メーカー「SCHAGERL Artist(シャーゲル・アーティスト)」に就任。




これまでにトランペットを、ベンハート・ベア、ヨーゼフ・アイデンベルガー、エドワード・H・タール、ハンス・ガンシュ、北村源三の各氏に師事。ガボール・タルケヴィ、アルフレッド・ガール、クリスティアン・ ホーレンシュ タイナー各氏、および室内楽をツォルト・サイモンのマスタークラスを修了。

佐々木 駿 
Shun Sasaki

A Trumpet player who is based in Japan and is active internationally.


Born in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture. While attending the Kunitachi College of Music High School, he was described as an "Angel's Trumpet" by the Austrian composer Balduin Sulzer, and after graduating he studied abroad at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität in Austria. While attending college, he performed with numerous artists and orchestras. After returning to Japan, he performed with Portuguese jazz trumpet player Gileno Santana and Austrian soprano singer Anna-Maria Pammer.

As a player of Mozart Kammer Orchestra, he has performed at the Wiener Musikverein and the Bruckner House in Linz. In 2017, he was a lecturer at a workshop in Portugal with Gábor Tarkövi, he is a former principal trumpet player of the Berlin Philharmoniker Orchestra. After that, overseas solo debut at a concert held in Porto.

In 2019, he visited China for the musician dispatch project of the Japan Society for Cultural Exchange(JSCE). In 2020, a letter of appreciation was given by the Chief of the Iwate Prefectural Police Headquarters in honor of his many years of service. In 2021, he became the first Japanese to become the world-famous Austrian musical instrument maker "SCHAGERL Artist".


Heisei University of Music Lecturer, Iwate University Faculty of Education Music Department Part-time Lecturer, Iwate Prefectural Police Music Corps Lecturer, Pacific Brass Orchestra Music Director, Iwate Trumpet Society Music Director, Iwate British Brass Band Music Director.

He has studied trumpet under Bernhart Bear, Joseph Eidenberger, Edward H.Tarr, Hans Gansch, and Genzo Kitamura. Gábor Tarkövi, Alfred Gaar, Christian Hollensteiner, and chamber music master class of Zort Simon.

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